• 5 Observations on the State of Hospital Credit Markets

    In this Becker's Hospital Review article, HFA Partners is interviewed about interest rates, hospital credit spreads, the importance of liquidity, the difference between smaller and larger borrowers, and trends in direct bank placements.

  • Bond Underwriting: Are You Paying Too Much?

    The fees underwriters charge hospitals to access the bond markets have plunged in the last few years. With basic market data and an understanding of how fees are set, CFOs are in ideal position to negotiate and save on their costs of issuance.

  • Dieting Tax Exempt Borrowers Trim Interest Rates

    With a glut of investors, supply and demand is working in favor of tax-exempt borrowers. This week's new record low rates may be a good time for hospitals to revisit refundings previously postponed due to insufficient net present value savings.

  • Fitch Places 33 Hospital Ratings on Watch

    Fitch Ratings placed 12% of its hospital and health system bond ratings on "rating watch" in connection with the agency's announcement last week that it is revising its criteria for evaluating not-for-profit hospitals. The changes are relatively evenly distributed between neutral, negative and positive.

  • Lawyers Are Interesting People, Too

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